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Unity, hard, truth-seeking, innovative 


Lanren Aluminum culture is a systematic project, consisting of ideological characteristics. Generally speaking, Lanren Aluminum building enterprise culture is "to foster entrepreneurship paramount task to comprehensively improve the overall quality of staff for the base, a mold common values at the core, to establish a good image-focused enterprises, enterprise development strategies to achieve the objective. "

He has a rich content, "Unity" -- Lanren Aluminum is the source of our power, victory and success of the enterprise is based. He included among the leading groups of solidarity, solidarity between higher and lower levels, between solidarity and justice departments Care, mutual aid workers, and so on. "struggles" -- is a dare to take things, ecstasy labour, indomitable spirit, constant and pioneering spirit. "realistic" -- First, there must be a realistic concept, and the other is a pragmatic style of work, the third is to work to practice. "innovation" -- is a striving for the top, the spirit of dare to do so, is the powerhouse consisting Aluminum, the effectiveness of this.


A person of the management philosophy and cultivating the "expert" talent


To quality education as a breakthrough, comprehensively improve the overall quality of the staff, Lanren Aluminum enterprise culture is the foundation for building. Over the past few years, Lanren Aluminum Plant schools through the joint, training, the introduction of the forms of various professional and technical training for businesses, more than 300 management personnel.


Create wealth for society and the creation of value for shareholders


Enterprises common values shape, Lanren Aluminum core enterprise culture. Consensus is a decision-making enterprises, decisions and actions are of universal significance to all members of the resonance is, a concerted struggled values. Lanren Aluminum consensus values most significant point is whether leadership or ordinary employees, all agree that "development is the overriding principle, the development was popular," and to take concrete actions to continuously strive to fulfill this sentence.

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