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Secondary Aluminum Producer in Zhejiang Closes on Environmental Checks, China Nickel Ore Port Invent

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SHANGHAI, Aug. 28 (SMM) – One secondary aluminum producer in Zhejiang told SMM that it closes for one month on environmental checks.

One wire & cable producer rejects aluminum ingot in favor of rod on environmental concern, SMM learns.

Last week, China’s nickel ore port inventories grew after a big drop, SMM surveys.

One low-grade NPI and stainless steel integrated producer in Guangxi released its ore purchasing plan for 2H 2017 for upcoming monsoon season in the Philippines, Shanghai Metals Market learns.

The average daily crude steel output at CISA member companies in China increased during the first 10-day period of August, according to China Iron and Steel Industry Association (CISA).

According to China Customs, China imported 25,653 tonnes of tin ore in July, up 14.6% MoM but down 29.2% YoY. The figure totaled 165,600 tonnes in the first seven months, down 43.1% YoY.

East Hope has suspended making offers for alumina as it now has no alumina on hand for sale in spot market.

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